Things that are important in the season 10 teaser:

  • Sam saying that he hates demons to Dean
  • Dean chasing Sam with an axe
  • Sam looking really scared like a puppy
  • Sam doing something really bad while searching for Dean
  • Dean’s sex hair
  • Dean’s hella sexy demon eyes
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy” 
  • Dean still calling Sam “Sammy”

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so my friend and i were home alone and naturally we ordered a pizza

we had a simple request


so when the doorbell rang we were super excited but our delivery person was this really confused old guy

he was like, “i’m sorry, but i don’t know what the heck a TARDIS is, so i drew the closest thing i could think of”


he drew us a tortoise

god bless this man

i gave him a twenty and told him to keep the change

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you know what I love

how Jared said that there are a lot of shows out there about romance, and Supernatural doesn’t need to be one, that isn’t what SPN is about

and yet, they were able to create the most perfect love story there ever was

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