September TC Challenge—-MY FIRST ONE EVER!!

1). Happy autumn guys! Which season do you think your TC would be? Winter. Sometimes he is cold but most of the time he is cuddly and like a cup of hot chocolate.
2). What would you do if another teacher found out about your crush, printed photos of your blog and threatened you they would tell your TC about it? What would they possibly threaten you for? B) If you have more than one TC, how would you react if that teacher was one of your other TCs? I don’t  have more than one. If another teacher found out about my crush, tbh I don’t think they would care very much. Other students have told teachers about their crushes on other teachers. Its not a big deal to crush at our school. Our teachers are pretty cool. Now if someone threatened to expose me, id probably beg them not to.
3). Are there any classmates of yours that you suspect also have a crush on your TC? How would you react if you found out they had a TC blog too? Yes. One of my friends little sisters actually told me she has a crush on him to. But he doesn’t like her very much. She is very awkward. And so I think she felt overpowered by him—him and I are close. We are actually friends and act like adults. If she found my blog. I wouldn’t care very much, I post mostly supernatural stuff. I don’t even think she would be able to tell its mine.
4). Do you believe your TC thinks about you? In what way? Yes. I mean, my friends(some who know I crush on him and some who don’t)have pointed out how different he looks at me. I honestly believe that he thinks im special. That he sees me differently than he sees other students. But it could all just be me seeing what I want to see.
5). How do you imagine your life in 10 years, with and without TC? Give details. Umm..half and half. I plan to keep in touch with my tc. We have each other’s number. We don’t text or anything. But for recommendation purposes, we exchanged numbers. I am going to college far away. But when I come in town I plan on meeting up with him to get coffee or something to catch up.
6). Do you know their family and friends? What do they think of you? What would they and their colleagues think if you two were together? I have met his child before, who is adorable. But I have never met any of his family.
7). If you recorded a CD of songs for your TC, what would some titles of the songs included be? Led Zeppelin-All of my love; Lou Reed-Perfect Day; Lou Reed-Walk on the wild side; Beatles-All my loving, I want to hold your hand, We can work it out;; Arctic Monkeys- Electricity; 3 Doors Down-Here without you; Ellie Goulding- I know you care; Three Days Grace-Lost in you; Lana Del Rey- The man I love, You&Me, Match made in heaven, Million Dollar Man; INXS-Perfect Strangers; Poison- Talk dirty to me; FOB- Thanks for the memories

8). If you and your TC were:
a). Storybook characters, which ones would you be?
b). Any characters in a book ever, which would each of you be? Probably the boy and girl from If I Stay, just bc he is the punk rocker type and im a wannabe punk.

9). If you had a child with your TC biologically (if you and your TC have the same sex, imagine there’s a way to do so), what would you want it to look like? Which features would you want it to inherit from each of you? What name would you pick for them? How many children would you want to have with them? I would probably name the child after him. idk. Maybe a girl… I personally want a boy but with him, maybe a girl. I would want her to have my hair type with his hair color. His eyes, my nose, teeth, and face shape. His body. His lips.
10). Are they more of a logical or an emotional kind of person? What about you? We are both logical. Very logical. If we get emotional its rare and when we do, it’s a huge emotional toll on the both of us and we just hug it out in the end.
11). What is their ideology? Are they liberal or conservative? I think he is more conservative but I wouldn’t really know for sure.
12). Are they religious? You? What is your religion? Yes he is “religious’ but no he isn’t a die-hard. And same for me.
13). What would your 12 years old self think if you time-traveled and told them about your TC? I have had older-man crushes since I was 8(well that’s the first one I can remember) so she probably wouldn’t be all that surprised. My younger self would probably look forward to meeting my tc.
14). Do they have a collection of anything? Yes they have a collection. I don’t want to say of what though.
15). If they were a color, which one would they be? I would say green.
16). How would you react:
a). If you overheard them saying to someone else (a friend or a colleague) that they’re in love with you?
b). If you found a little flash driver between the pages of the notebook they just returned to you after correcting your homework which included a video of them confessing they are in love with you? A.umm honestly, I would probably pretend I didn’t hear him and act like nothing happened. B.That is so unlikely to happen. But I’ll pretend. If I found the flashdrive, I would watch it over and over again and then think to myself, “What 40-something year old man would make this? Oh yea, an insane one!” He is an adult. He would handle his feelings like an adult. Not film diary entries like a teenage girl on pretty little liars.

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So when J gets sick it’s honestly the cutest thing ever. His voice gets deeper and his hair is all scruffy. It’s hard to try and find things that I don’t love about him:)


If I was older then I’d be with him, we would have been married and have beautiful kids …and I’d be happy being with the most wonderful man in the world …
But instead fait made him my teacher and me the student.

Never give up on your TC’s


I didn’t and it paid off. Even the TC’s that seem the most unattainable, whether they’re married, 30 years older, have children, are devoted Christians, I don’t care. Never give up. You wouldn’t believe how human people are.


tumblr literally defies all things i’ve been taught:

  • don’t talk to strangers
  • don’t make friends online
  • don’t do anything stupid

(via my-tc-dream)